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Many of us here is Montana take pride in choosing to remain somewhat unplugged.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to use technology to our advantage (when we feel like it).  And hopefully if you are planning a vacation out here you too will take some time to enjoy the natural beauty all around and tune out the rest of the world for a little while.  That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t utilize the many great tools available to you to plan your trip and make your trip easier once here.  There are some mobile apps that can be very useful for just that and we have rounded up a few interesting ones.  These apps range in price from free to $8.99.

Yellowstone Tour GeoRoamer App: Starting with the most expensive app, but also possibly most relevant to a Livingston, Montana vacation.  This app provides you with a GPS guided audio tour of all of the major sites in Yellowstone.  It has some great features including telling you exactly where the best viewing locations are, giving you directions from one site to another and recorded audio tours from park experts that start as you approach a site of interest.

TripAdvisor: If you use TripAdvisor to help you plan your trip, you can take it along with you in the form of an app.  The app includes all of the same great features as the website.

GateGuru: For those of you who don’t like to (or don’t have time to) wander the airports looking for a place to eat or get coffee or buy your favorite magazine, download GateGuru and you will know exactly which stores and restaurants are closest to your gate and you can even read reviews from other people using the app.

Urbanspoon: Looking for a place to eat is no longer a problem if you have Urbanspoon.  You can search by location, type of food, popularity or see what your friends have said about restaurants.  Leave your own reviews and help others with their planning.

Google Sky Map (for Android phones only): Since you will be in place where you can see an unbelievable amount of stars, this app can be a lot of fun.  Point your phone at the sky and the app will tell you what stars and constellations you are looking at.  Pocket Universe would be an alternative for iPhone users.

Cheap Gas: Gas prices keep going up and can be a real consideration when planning a road trip.  If you want to try and save a little money on gas check out this free app that tells you which gas stations have the lowest gas prices.

Pocket First Aid and CPR: This app from the American Heart Association gives concise, clear instructions for CPR and first aid that can be useful in a variety of situations.  A great app for anyone planning on going camping or backpacking but really could save a life anywhere.

We hope that these tools help with your travel planning and make your vacation easier.  Just don’t forget to put that phone away and relax once you get here!

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