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The postcard above was discovered in a hotel wall during renovation.

Restored to its historic role as the premier lodging in Livingston, the Murray is a gathering place for locals and visitors. It's a good place to meet friends or make some new ones.

2nd Street Bistro Restaurant

One of southwestern Montana's premier restaurants, the Bistro has an extensive wine list and gourmet meals served in a sophisticated and yet warm atmosphere. Open every night, the Bistro can also provide room service.


Murray Bar

With live music and authentic atmosphere, The Murray Bar is a popular spot for locals, visiting celebrities, and travelers. Photos of fly-fishing successes line the walls, and bands from all over Montana and the country love to play here.


Facilities for groups (weddings, reunions, business meetings)

The Murray has wireless Internet and a conference room for business meetings. Wedding parties, family reunions, and business gatherings alike often book a block of rooms. The Murray's congenial atmosphere and its in-hotel restaurant with a function room make it perfect for groups.

Our Place in History

Since its grand opening in 1904, the Murray Hotel's guest registry has been more like a who's who of history and Hollywood. Celebrities such as Buffalo Bill and Calamity Jane have graced the threshold of what was once "the" elegant railroad hotel. The Murray was also home to Walter Hill, son of railroad tycoon, James J. Hill. More recently, colorful personalities like motion-picture director, Sam Peckinpah, rented what had been the largest suite in the place, built originally for an heir to the Burlington railroad fortune.

The Queen of Denmark once spent the night, but her impressions went unrecorded. Humorist Will Rogers and his buddy Walter Hill, must have been satisfied. They liked the place well enough they tried to bring a favorite saddle horse to a third floor suite, via the hand-cranked, 1905 Otis elevator.

To this day, Livingston attracts a steady stream of writers, musicians, and movie stars.

The Murray Hotel Today

The Murray Hotel has been carefully groomed to be one of the hottest tourists destinations in North America. All the pieces are in place for a great getaway: a century-long reputation, close proximity to world-class recreation, and unsurpassed charm.

Like any good hotel, the Murray has a personality of its own, a thing as tangible and real as its marble stairways, yet as hard to define as music or an aroma.

Think about it. When you check into a motel, you wonder if the TV works. When you check into a hotel, you wonder who you might see there. At the Murray Hotel in Livingston, Montana, it could be almost anybody. Celebrities have been stopping here for 90 years, sharing space and rubbing elbows with the cowpokes, railroaders, and other travelers that provide a hotel's life blood.

Take a look inside: inside Livingston's historic Murray Hotel