Cross Country Skiing

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Cross Country Skiing Montana

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about downhill skiing and snowboarding in this part of Montana.  For those of you who prefer skiing on relatively flat terrain, there are a multitude of options around Livingston.  There is such a variety of trails in this area that you are sure to find something to suit any level skier.

For the complete beginner, we recommend Bohart Ranch, which is located in the Bridger Mountains about 30 miles from Livingston.  They have everything that you need right there, from ski rentals, to lessons, to groomed trails.  They teach both classic and skate skiing techniques.  Their day pass rates and rental rates are very reasonable but according to their website they do not take credit cards so be sure to bring cash or check with you!

If you already know how to cross country ski and would like to get out and see some beautiful scenery you can choose to stick close to Livingston and ski one of the many trails in Paradise Valley or head into Yellowstone National Park for the day.  Either way you will need equipment so make sure to bring your own if you have it, or if you do not, stop in and see the friendly folks at Timber Trails for some rentals.  They are located at 309 West Park Street and you can call them for more info at 406.222.9550.

Mill Creek Skiing

Skiing Mill Creek's West Fork Trail

From Suce Creek to Mill Creek to Bear Creek, there are ski trails throughout Paradise Valley. has a great write up of many of these trails with directions on getting there and levels of difficulty.  You can read it here.  As an added bonus, at the very end of Mill Creek (about 11 miles up Mill Creek Rd.) there is a sledding hill right next to the parking area!  So, if you have children and decide to head in that direction for your skiing you may want to bring a sled along as well.

For more information on cross country skiing in Yellowstone visit the National Park Service website where you will find maps of trails with a key telling you the difficulty level of each trail.

This has been a great year for skiing so far with all of the snow that has fallen in Livingston.  Cross country skiing is an excellent way to take advantage of that and a great activity for the whole family!  Just make sure to do your research ahead of time and dress for the ever changing Livingston weather.

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